The Simply Brilliant Leadership Quiz

The quiz below is based on the 4 leadership styles Bill discusses in his Harvard Business Review article, The 4 Leadership Styles, and How to Identify Yours.


Do you dream of doing something extraordinary, even in a field that can be pretty ordinary? Are you searching for the right way to translate your personal definition of success into a product, project, or company that achieves something remarkable? It all comes down to the “why” and “how” of leadership. This test will help you figure out what kind of leader you are, and the leadership style that suits you.

It takes just a few minutes to answer the questions and learn more the style of leadership that fits you. For an accurate result, make sure your answers reflect what you really think and do, rather than what you think you should do. There are no right or wrong answers, and no right or wrong ways to lead.

“I’m not driven by being better than those I compete with, I want to build something that reflects who I am and what I care about.”

“Even in tough times and difficult situations, I am optimistic about the future and confident that I will achieve my goals.”

“I believe that how I lead and who I work with is as important to my success as business plans or financial models.”

“I am able to explain, in ways that are clear and compelling, why what I do matters and why I expect my team or company to win.”

“Of course vision is important, but success as a leader comes down to seizing opportunities and making smart tactical moves.”

“If it’s my idea, or my project, or my company, it’s up to me solve the big problems and identify the best strategies for success. The buck stops here.”

“Values are important, but the key to success in business and life is delivering tangible value: price, features, quality, etc.”

“The point of competition is winning, and the key to winning is outhustling and outmaneuvering your rivals.”

“I value the skills and experience I bring to my role as a leader, but I worry that my knowledge and experience might limit my creativity.”

“These days, people who are new to an industry or seeing a problem for the first time are just as likely to come up with a great idea as people with lots of history and experience.”

When was the last time you tried something new (a new route to work, a new type of music, a new app or piece of software)?

“I am just as focused on being interested in the world around me as I am on trying to make myself and my organization more interesting.”

“The best indicator of future success is past success, both for people and organizations.”

“I’m all for creativity and innovation, but my job as a leader is to bring wisdom and experience to bear on critical problems and important opportunities.”

As a leader, when I face an important, hard-to-solve problem, my first move is usually to…

“Newcomers to a field may surprise you with creative ideas, but long-held expertise is still the main driver of innovation and progress.”

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