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Financial services. Professional services. Healthcare. Manufacturing and distribution. Technology. Community-development and regional-business associations. Bill has addressed hundreds of audiences from countless fields. His messages, stories, and practical lessons equip leaders to do the hard work of big change.

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The Hard Work of Big Change
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"Bill Taylor was outstanding. He was an entertaining storyteller who did a great job of connecting the dots between our business and his knowledge of client experience and innovation."  

- Shook, Hardy and Bacon

"Thank you so much for a great session! You made your content very relevant for Citi and you had great energy in the delivery of the session, which was contagious. The response we got from the attendees was very positive, and many of them committed to trying something new."

- Citicorp

"Great work! The format was perfect, and your presentation was consistently noted as a highlight of the event by our attendees. It was a highlight for me as well. Fantastic job!"

- Actifio

"The response to your talk has been off the charts! I alone have received two dozen 'Bill was great' comments from friends and colleagues. Huge home run, incredibly positive! And I can't believe how many folks have your book on their desk."

- Gensler

"Thank you for a terrific presentation to our brokers and managers. We heard so many great comments about your remarks. You intrigued, informed, and inspired us all, which added great value to our conference experience!"

- Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

"Bill is informative, funny, motivational, and a great story teller. That is a real gift. He was a hit with our attendees!"

- Neighborhood Health Plan

"Thanks so much for all you did as the Keynote for this year's Retreat. We got so many positive comments, especially from those who were lucky enough to hear you five years ago as well. It's time to update our 'Bill Taylorisms' as we apply your ideas to our business."

- Holder Construction

Keynote Topics

Out of the Crisis

Lessons on Leadership and Change in the Shadow of Covid-19

A crisis, the old bromide goes, is a terrible thing to waste. One way not to waste the brutal crisis of the past year is to reflect on all it has taught us about leadership and change, and try to do better. What do we understand today, that we didn't understand a year ago, about the most powerful ways to engage customers, the best ways to motivate colleagues, the smartest ways to innovate?


This past year, executives, entrepreneurs, and change agents have wrestled more than ever with the worries and stresses that "keep us up at night." Now at last, we have a chance to focus on "what gets us up in the morning"-the opportunities and possibilities that can remake our organizations and make progress on the work that matters most.


In this topical and timely keynote, filled with lessons about competition, work, creativity, and change, Bill Taylor draws on case studies of leaders who have inspired colleagues to unprecedented levels of performance, organizations that have won big in tough times, workplaces that have generated exceptional enthusiasm and commitment.


He emphasizes seven lessons can help leaders and organizations create a more hopeful and prosperous future.


  • Optimism matters-everybody needs a reason to believe.
  • Tough times can bring out the best in people.
  • To solve big problems, focus on small wins.
  • Don't just champion new ideas, strengthen personal relationships.
  • Don't pretend you have all the answers.
  • Give everyone a reason to feel proud of what they do.
  • To overcome bad news, revel in good news.


Download Bill's full "Out of the Crisis" Resource


How to Unleash Fierce Execution and Nonstop Innovation in Good Times and Bad

Everything about talent and culture is ripe for reinvention-which is why great organizations and their leaders work as distinctively as they compete. In an era of brash ideas and urgent crises, organizations that create the most extraordinary value are the ones that generate the most widely shared sense of commitment, connection, and compassion among colleagues. Whether you're in a fast-moving technology field or a more traditional industry, your organization can't be exceptional in the marketplace unless it creates something exceptional in the workplace. In a keynote that is at once highly strategic and deeply human, Bill Taylor draws on his access to some of the world's most high-performing and creative workplaces to explore how organizations can unleash and sustain a culture of fierce execution and nonstop innovation. His ideas, lessons, diagnostics, and case studies are a pragmatic guide to the future of work and a cutting-edge agenda for recruiting, evaluating, organizing, and retaining talent.


Among the questions he helps organizations and their leaders answer are:


  • Why should great people join your organization?
  • How do you know a great person when you see one?
  • Does your organization work as distinctively as it competes?
  • Do you offer the small gestures that send big signals about what really matters at work?


Don't Let What You Know Limit What You Can Imagine

In a world being remade before our eyes, leaders who make a difference are the ones who can reimagine what's possible in their organization and their field, and who can turn bold strategies into relentless execution. Put simply, high-impact leaders exude both originality and utility-provocative thinking that energizes their colleagues, a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to work and culture that shapes how everyone shares ideas and solves problems. In this inspiring and instructive keynote, Bill Taylor offers hands-on thinking gleaned from the most extraordinary leaders he's studied over the last 25 years. These leaders have built very different kinds of companies and organizations, they've prospered in boom times and times of crisis, but they've all wrestled with the defining questions that face leaders everywhere-questions whose answers amount to a new agenda for leadership. Bill's insights, stories, and takeaways prepare leaders at every level to master that agenda.


Here are some of the questions Bill asks and answers:


  • Are you prepared to rethink the conventions of success in your field and the logic of your success as a leader?
  • Are you learning, as an organization and as a leader, as fast as the world is changing?
  • Do you "talk the walk"-Can you explain why what they do matters and how you expect to win.
  • Are you as humble as you are hungry?


Rules for Transforming Your Organization and Challenging Yourself



Breakthrough technologies. Radical business models. New customer preferences. Remote work. In an era of hyper-competition and unpredictable crises, even the most successful companies have to rethink and reimagine every aspect of how they do business and deliver results. But how do you break new ground when there is so much pressure to avoid mistakes? How do you keep people focused and confident in a world that seems so risky and uncertain? In short, how do you unleash long-lasting, positive change in turbulent, fast-moving times? These are the questions Bill Taylor addresses in his provocative and energizing keynote. His message is designed to help leaders from all walks of life transform their organizations, shake up their industries, and challenge themselves. He brings his message to life with colorful stories of organizations that are unleashing innovations and driving transformations in all sorts of fields-from retail to software, automobiles to financial services, hotels to hospitals. Bill offers a manifesto for change and a manual for achieving it-at a moment when change is the name of the game.


Here are some of the themes he emphasizes:


  • In a fast-changing world, the most successful organizations embrace strategies that allow them to stand for something special and inspire others to stand with them.
  • The more things change, the more the worries about change remain the same.
  • In a world reshaped by technology, change leaders embrace the power of emotion and psychology.
  • You can't be serious about changing unless you're also serious about failing.

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