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Financial services. Professional services. Healthcare. Manufacturing and distribution. Technology. Community-development and regional-business associations. Bill has addressed hundreds of audiences from countless fields. His messages, stories, and practical lessons equip leaders to do the hard work of big change.

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Talent and Culture
The Hard Work of Big Change
The Unmet Challenges of Innovation

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“Bill Taylor was outstanding. He was an entertaining storyteller who did a great job of connecting the dots between our business and his knowledge of client experience and innovation.”  

– Shook, Hardy and Bacon

“Thank you so much for a great session! You made your content very relevant for Citi and you had great energy in the delivery of the session, which was contagious. The response we got from the attendees was very positive, and many of them committed to trying something new.”

– Citicorp

“Great work! The format was perfect, and your presentation was consistently noted as a highlight of the event by our attendees. It was a highlight for me as well. Fantastic job!”

– Actifio

“The response to your talk has been off the charts! I alone have received two dozen ‘Bill was great’ comments from friends and colleagues. Huge home run, incredibly positive! And I can’t believe how many folks have your book on their desk.”

– Gensler

“Thank you for a terrific presentation to our brokers and managers. We heard so many great comments about your remarks. You intrigued, informed, and inspired us all, which added great value to our conference experience!”

– Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

“Bill is informative, funny, motivational, and a great story teller. That is a real gift. He was a hit with our attendees!”

– Neighborhood Health Plan

“Thanks so much for all you did as the Keynote for this year’s Retreat. We got so many positive comments, especially from those who were lucky enough to hear you five years ago as well. It’s time to update our ‘Bill Taylorisms’ as we apply your ideas to our business.”

– Holder Construction

Keynote Topics


Rules for Transforming Your Organization and Challenging Yourself

In an era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, the most urgent work is the work of making meaningful, deep-seated change in organizations everywhere. When customers have higher expectations than ever, digital technologies and new business models create more choices than ever, and political and social trends create more turmoil than ever, then familiar strategies and established ways of working are less effective than ever.


Don’t Let What You Know Limit What You Can Imagine

In a world being remade before our eyes, leaders who make a difference are the ones who can reimagine what’s possible at their organization and in their field, and who can turn bold strategies into relentless execution. And they’re not just CEOs; they’re executives running business units, managers in charge of key departments, engineers or marketers running project teams, entrepreneurs building a company from scratch. Regardless of their formal role or title in the organization, high-impact leaders exude both originality and utility—provocative thinking that energizes their colleagues, a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to work and culture that shapes how everyone shares ideas and solves problems.


Succeeding in a World Where the Smart Take from the Strong

There has never been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur, whether it’s building a company from a blank sheet of paper, launching or investing in a franchise, or starting something new inside an established organization. In the old world of business, the strong took from the weak. If you had the deepest pockets, the biggest factories or labs, the best-known brands, you won by virtue of your power. In the new world of business, the smart take from the strong.


How to Unleash and Sustain Fierce Execution and Nonstop Innovation

Business today is about distinctive competitive strategies, game-changing technologies, and creative social media and marketing. But the most successful organizations, those built on fierce executive and nonstop innovation, work as distinctively as they compete. The first question great organizations can answer is: What separates us from our rivals in the marketplace? But the next question is: What holds us together as colleagues in the workplace?

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