Practically Radical officially launched on Tuesday, January 4–one week ago today. And what a week it’s been! A blur of interviews, blog posts, celebrations, and all the fun and exciting stuff that comes with the publication of a new book. I can’t list everything that happened last week, but allow me to point to just a few of the highlights. Then it’s time to roar into Week Two, and a whole new round of activities.

You can’t launch a book without throwing a party, and we had a great one in New York City complete with old friends and new members of the network, a soapbox on which attendees stood to offer “practically radical” resolutions for 2011, and a special cocktail, created by the folks at Absolut Vodka, to toast the book–a delicious concoction they called the “Absolut Radical.”

Every book author hopes to be on TV with his or her ideas, of course, and I had a ball with an appearance on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer.” It was a long, thoughtful, and fun segment, and Eliot and Kathleen really dug in to the core ideas and case studies in the book. You can watch the segment here. I’ll alert you to a few upcoming TV appearances.

Meanwhile, the gang at Fast Company went out of their way to showcase the book, offering excerpts, an interview with me, and all kinds of other great stuff. They have assembled all of their Practically Radical material in one place, and it really is a nice glimpse into many different elements of the book. Thanks, Fast Company.

Needless to say,  a big part of launching a book these days is spreading your ideas online. Some of the Web’s most prominent business bloggers went out of their way to share the Practically Radical message. The irrepressible Dan Pink invited me to share three resolutions for the New Year with members of his community. Evangelist extraordinaire Guy Kawasaki offered the Top Ten Ways to be Practically Radical. And Dan Schawbel, an influential guru of Personal Branding, did a fun interview with me about the book and its messages for individuals.

All in all, it was an exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting first week–the kind of week every author hopes for. Thanks to everyone for their support. Onward to Week Two!