Simply Brilliant: 8 Questions to Help You Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways

What is it that separates great companies from the ones that are just okay?

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800CEOREAD Editor’s Choice: Simply Brilliant

I first learned of Bill Taylor when we brought him here to Milwaukee to speak about his first book, Mavericks at Work.

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HBR Video: Which Leadership Style Fits You?

How to Identify Your Leadership Style. With William Taylor. #HBRLive

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Marketwatch: This Bank Stands Apart by Actually Caring about Its Customers

So much of modern business culture is obsessed with big ideas, breakthrough technologies, radical business models — the edgy, exciting innovations that fuel our competitive juices, create fortunes and make headlines.

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Fox Business “Mornings with Maria” Striving for Originality in Business

Fast Company Magazine Co-Founder Bill Taylor on examples of successful innovation outside of the tech sector.

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Forbes: If People Say You’re Ordinary, ‘Simply Brilliant’ Is the Way Out

Most business books remind me of Ikea furniture.

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Yahoo Finance: Regular Folks Can Be Disruptors, Too

Can you shake up your business like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk if you’re an ordinary schmo living 10 states away from Silicon Valley?

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HMR: How WD-40 Created a Learning-Obsessed Company Culture

How WD-40 Created a Learning-Obsessed Company Culture

And helped the cult product go global.

Business Life American Thinking: Daring to Reimagine

Recently I’ve begun to worry that the business world’s fascination with Uber and Google and all the other mega-disruptors in Silicon Valley gives the rest of us an excuse not to think big and make radical changes in our own fields.

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