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Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company, has a passion for the ideas and practices that are reshaping how organizations compete, innovate, and succeed. He inspires and equips leaders at every level to do the hard work of big change.

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Bill has addressed audiences around the world from financial services, healthcare, technology, and countless other fields. He helps leaders think bigger, aim higher, and bring out the best in their colleagues. 

“Bill rocked the house! We loved the presentation, and we got great feedback from our colleagues and customers. Great messages, engaging stories, the talk was simply brilliant!”

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Simply Brilliant

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Mavericks at Work

Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win

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HBR: Unleash Your Organization’s Overlooked Talent

August 16, 2022

Leaders everywhere are desperate for new insights, new products, new sources of energy and creativity. One way to find those things is to embrace new ideas about who gets to contribute and how, whether they are inside or outside the organization. The author points to two examples: the art exhibition […]


HBR: Persuading Your Team to Embrace Change

April 12, 2022

How do leaders persuade people to do things they would rather not do? The author outlines two very different persuasive techniques based on social science: the “foot-in-the-door” technique and the “door-in-the-face” technique. Each of these techniques can work in the right situation, although neither of them translates perfectly from the […]


Fast Company: Four lessons on innovation from the most creative team in baseball

April 4, 2022

Opening Day of the baseball season offers the chance to reflect on the arrival of spring, the childhood pleasures of skipping school for the ballpark—and, for people like me, who think about creativity and innovation, how hard it can be to change an institution that is in desperate need of […]


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Bill Taylor is a writer, a speaker, and entrepreneur who has shaped the global conversation about the best ways to compete, innovate, and succeed. He is the cofounder and founding editor of Fast Company.