CNN Gets “Practically Radical”

A few weeks back, I traveled to New York City to record an in-depth interview about Practically Radical with Christine Romans, host of CNN’s “Your Bottom Line” program. I figured with all the turmoil and tumult in the world–from meltdowns in Japan to rebellions in the Middle East–that interview would never see the light of day.

Well, color me surprised–and thrilled! Here’s a link to my interview with Christine, which aired this weekend. Really good stuff–I appreciate how seriously she took the book, and how much time (7.5 minutes!) she devoted to the segment. Thanks, Christine!

Please Discuss….

My new favorite quote…

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Talkin’ with “Billy the Brain”

No, that’s not me! I’m doing an interview on California’s KKZZ-AM at 1:20 pm today. The host of the program is “Billy the Brain.” You can listen online.

CNN This Weekend

Look for me on CNN, talking with the great Christine Romans about Practically Radical and personal branding. The 4 PM hour this Saturday–rebroadcast Monday am as well.

Free Passes to Upcoming Webinar

I’m doing a Webinar at 11 am next Wednesday, March 9, with the folks at G5 Leadership. My friends at have some free passes if you wish to participate. Register via the Tom Peters Web site, which you can find here. If you get a free pass, I promise my insights will be worth what you paid for them!

Why Read the Book When You Can See the Movie?

The folks at Polar Unlimited, who run the Read it for Me series of business-book webinars, have created an 11-minute “video summary” of Practically Radical. It’s really fun, and does a nice job of highlighting many of the key ideas and case studies  in the book. You need to use the password practicallyrad to view it. You can see the video here.

A Crash Course on “Practically Radical”

Normally, I’m not super-eager to share videos of me doing talks—either the lighting is bad, or the sound quality is bad, or maybe I’m having a bad day. But last month, I did a “book breakfast” in Providence RI with friends at the Business Innovation Factory, and BIF shot a video of my remarks. It’s really a high-quality video in terms of production values, and I was feeling my oats that morning, despite the raging snowstorm outside.

In Praise of “Calculated Boldness”

One nice thing about a never-ending book tour is that you learn lots of new stuff along the way. A week or so ago, on a visit to the Chicago offices of DraftFCB, the great advertising agency, I picked up a book that three agency executives wrote called Calculate Boldness. It’s a terrific take on creativity and innovation, and I devoted my HBR blog to some of its key ideas.

You can find the post here. Thanks to my friends at DraftFCB for hosting the book session for Practically Radical, and for sharing their book with me.

Spread the Word (of Mouth)

One of the nice things about a new book is that it creates the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Dave Balter, founder and CEO of BzzAgent, is one such old friend. He and his colleagues are pioneers in the world of word-of-mouth marketing, and after he read Practically Radical he was nice enough to invite me to the company’s super-cool office in Boston and record a video conversation about the book’s  lessons for leaders, marketers, and innovators of all sorts.  It’s a fun conversation, and you can watch it here. Be sure to spread the word!